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Tanzania Counsellors Associates (TACOA) is a non-governmental counselling and training organisation providing services for children, adolescents, adults and couples. It was established and registered in 2007. 

The focus of TACOA organisation is three-tiered: treatment/healing (psychotherapy for adolescents and adults, play therapy for children and couples counselling), preventative (training, programmes, talks, workshops) and diagnostic (assessments). TACOA organisation comprises Clinical, Counselling, Social and Educational Psychologists, all of whom have particular areas of interest and specialisations. The organisation is open from Mondays to Fridays.

TACOA’s logo is a brain. A brain is largely associated with
giving us the power to think, plan, speak, imagine. The brain monitors and regulates the body's actions and reactions. The brain controls the other organ systems of the body, either by activating muscles or by causing secretion of chemicals such as hormones and neurotransmitters. To do this, it extracts enough relevant information from sense organs to refine actions. Brain is therefore our central computer that controls all the functions of our body, and a balanced approach toward achieving quality delivery of our psychological services.

TACOA organisation is conveniently serving Tanzanian’s communities. Whether you are looking for a Child Psychologist, an Educational Psychologist, a Couples/Marriage Counsellor or a Clinical or Counselling Psychologist for adolescent or adult issues, TACOA organisation will have the professional to assist you as it provides a wide range of psychological services.


Vision & Mission Statements                            

Our vision:

To become a leading organisation that enables individuals, families and communities in Tanzania enjoying holistic mental health life through the provision of training, information, research, advocacy and supervision.


our Mission

To empower the people of Tanzania to build and sustain mental healthy communities.

Core Values:

·       Professionalism and competence

·       Being proactive and humane

·       Time management

·       Holistic approach & Solution Focused Approach

·       Cultural Diversity

 Phone:+255 (0) 758 312 570
Email: dmcmadulu@yahoo.com

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